Ticket to Ride Track Switcher


Ticket to Ride Track Switcher is a puzzle game with 40 puzzles of varying difficulty, in which you have to prepare trains for a long journey, stack the carriages correctly and do it as quickly as possible to avoid delays.

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The popular board game series has a new installment in “Ticket to Ride Track Switcher”. This time, the creators have chosen to create a unique single player game-puzzle. The game consist of 40 logical problems of varied difficulty while maintaining the same high quality of design “Ticket to Ride”. The players’ goal is to direct locomotives and shift trains into their correct positionsin order to ready them for their departure. Every move matters, because the final outcome is determined not only by the correct solution, but also by the time it takes to arrive at it. The game is full of challenges. There are 40 task cards divided into 4 difficulty levels. You can warm up with the easier tasks at the beginning and then progress to the harder ones. Or you can dive straight into the most challenging tasks.

It’s not enough to just solve the puzzle. Players have a limited number of moves, so they feel pressure to find the most optimal one. It’s a great gift for a wide range of audiences. “Ticket to Ride” quality at a low price. It’s a versatile game that will appeal to experienced players, beginners and kids alike. This game is to be played solo. There is a high demand for solo experiences so “Ticket to Ride Track Switcher” could fill this gap. It is a great gift for fans, hobby enthusiasts and new board gamers alike.

Age: 3+
Game duration: 15min.
Players: 1+

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ticket to ride track switcher puzzle gameTicket to Ride Track Switcher
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