• Stella game although similar to its predecessor (Dixit), the rules are completely different.

  • The game supports all cards from the Dixit game and its expansions.

  • This game will undoubtedly get attention.


Stella is a game with a stunning visual style. Players match the random words with the paintings on cards via associations. Because the card drawings are both abstract and detailed, the links can be very variable. Players aim to match their interpretations to the associations generated by other players as closely as possible. The game not only stimulates the imagination and fosters creativity, but it also teaches empathy and how to perceive the world through the eyes of others. Stella is a brand-new product from the Dixit board game makers, and it works with all Dixit and its expansion cards.

  • Artwork. This game will undoubtedly get attention. Its design isn’t simply appealing to the eye. It resembles a work of art rather than a board game packaging. You are not only getting an entertaining game, but you are also purchasing a beautiful piece that you will want to display prominently. The cards used in the game deserve a special mention. Each one is unique and conveys a different abstract, detailed, and inventive picture painted by professional artists in the Dixit style.
  • Replayability. The game supports all cards from the Dixit game and its expansions. This adds a lot of diversity to the game. For various players, each card can conjure up entirely distinct associations. There are hundreds of cards in expansions. This nearly ensures that each game will be one-of-a-kind.
  • Dixit series. Although similar to its predecessor, the rules are completely different. This significantly broadens the target audience. “Stella” will appeal to those who have already enjoyed

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Rules: Estonian (PDF) / English (PDF)
Age: 8+
Game duration: 30 min.
Players: 2-6
Target audience: Families, friends, people looking for gifts and creative deduction games.
Theme: fantasy, communication, abstract thinking, creativity.


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