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Cross Clues suitable for: Families, friends, people looking for gifts and short, easy games.
Theme: words, clues, deduction, cooperation, teamwork.

Age: 7+
Game duration: 10min.
Players: 2-6

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“Cross Clues”is a word game in which you work togetherand at the same timeto identify connections between pairs of words. It is not so easy because your clue can be just one word. The game is played on a grid. On the vertical and horizontal axes, you have numbers and letters with some words underneath them. During the game, players draw cards with coordinates. These cards show the pair of words that you must make other players guess.

For example, if you have the A2 card where the A-word is Ice and the 2-word is Water, you might saySkatingas your clue. Everyone can work together to figure this out. If they get it right, you can put the coordinates card on the grid. The Player’s job is to fill the grid as much as possible. It is acooperativegamewith almost no downtime. It is a short game, and the challenge of finding links between different words and deducing the clues is fun and engaging.

Engagement. The main catch is that all players can play at the same time. You draw the card and think about your clue without waiting for your turn.
Simplicity.  Cross Clues may be taught in just a minute. There are no lengthy sections of rule text or difficult terms. Simply sit down and begin playing.
One fit for all. The game is flexible. It means that it isequally good with different player count.
Replayability. From simple rules comes hours of play. Different words and their combinations grant great replayability.
Added benefit. The game can be used as a teaching tool. It’s great for improving abstract and logical thinking, as well as the capacity to see connections between concept.

Rules: Estonian(PDF) / Russian (PDF)

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