Dobble is a simple figure recognition game in which players try to find similar shapes on two cards. The entire deck contains 55 cards.
Each Dobble card has eight different characters that vary in size from map to map. There is only one common symbol in any two cards.
In a typical Dobble game, the cards open one after another. The person who first notices the common symbol on each card receives the card, and then the next card opens to find the symbol, and so on. Whoever collects more cards wins.

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Rules: English (PDF)/Russian (PDF)/Estonian (PDF)

Published by Asmody
Game duration 10-20 min
Players 2-8
Age 6+
Width: 13 cm
Length: 13 cm
Height: 7.5 cm
Material: cardboard, plastic, metal

Dimensions 13 × 13 × 7.5 cm
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