7 Wonders


“7 Wonders” lets you lead an ancient city, gather resources, and build a remarkable civilization. Play in three ages, select and pass cards, and enjoy real-time game for 3 to 7 players with captivating illustrations.

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In 7 Wonders, you step into the role of a leader overseeing one of the seven illustrious cities of the Ancient World. Your task is to amass resources, establish trade routes, and assert military dominance. As you craft your city, strive to construct an architectural marvel that will stand the test of time.

7 Wonders unfolds over three distinct ages. Within each age, players receive seven cards from a specific deck, make their selections, and pass the remaining cards to adjacent players. These cards are revealed simultaneously, with resource exchanges and interactions shaping the gameplay. Each player utilizes personal boards with unique abilities to arrange their cards. This process continues until six cards are in play for each player within that age. After three ages, the game concludes.

  • This game accommodates color-blind players through the inclusion of symbols corresponding to each color.
  • It offers a dynamic, real-time gaming experience where all players engage simultaneously, ensuring minimal downtime regardless of whether you have 3 or 7 participants.
  • Featuring expansive cards and wondrous illustrations, 7 Wonders provides an immersive gaming journey.

Rules: Estonian (PDF) / English (PDF) / Russian (PDF)
Age: 10+
Game duration: 30 min.
Players: 2-7

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