Obscurio is an asymmetric collaborative game. One of the players is a magical herb who attempts to lead other space by space to the exit, giving them the form of pictures tips for finding the right doors. The Wizards (the rest of the players) cooperate to interpret the clues given by the herb to find the right door. But there is a traitor among them too! His goal is to create confusion and lead wizarding.
Only effective cooperation and dispating the path of snow can save you from this evil sorts damned library!

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Rules: English (PDF)/English (PDF)/Russian (PDF)

Publisher Libellud
Game Duration 45 min
Players 2-8
Age 10 +
Width: 28.5 cm
Length: 28.5 cm
Height: 8 cm
Material: cardboard, plastic

Dimensions 28.5 × 28.5 × 8 cm
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